Treatment of Choroidal Metastasis from Epidermal Growth Factor Mutant Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with First-line Osimertinib Therapy


Purpose: To illustrate the regression of a metastatic lesion through ophthalmic imaging and correlating findings with standard chest imaging and treatment with osimertinib, an oral chemotherapy agent specific to Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor + Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (EGFR+ NSCLC).

Case Report: A 63-year-old Asian male presented to ophthalmology with a complaint of left blurry vision. Initial ophthalmic exam revealed a choroidal lesion and imaging results highlighted a spiculated lung mass with brain and bony metastases. Osimertinib was chosen for its specificity and ability to cross the blood–brain barrier. Follow-up ophthalmic and radiographic imaging were repeated over the course of treatment.

Conclusion: After the initiation of osimertinib, ophthalmic and computed tomography imaging highlighted the regression of the ocular metastatic disease and primary malignancy, respectively. Osimertinib is an effective first-line treatment of EGFR+ NSCLC and corresponding metastatic sites. Additionally, ophthalmic imaging can be used to monitor general response to chemotherapy agents when ocular metastasis is identified.


Carcinoma, Choroidal Neoplasm, Multimodal Imaging, Neoplasm Metastasis, Non-small Cell Lung, Osimertinib

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