Volume 2, Issue 1

This issue contains selected papers from the II Congreso de Producción Pecuaria y Agroindustrial ESPOCH 2021 held in Riobamba, Ecuador on the 8th–12th November 2021. This event was hosted by the Facultad de Ciencias Pecuarias de la Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo.

The conference was held to create a bridge of knowledge between professionals and enterprises working in the field of livestock science.

This ESPOCH issue is a collection of 17 peer-reviewed papers covering the ongoing research and development in agroindustry, zootechnics, and veterinary medicine. The papers on agroindustry analyse topics such as the economy and management of agro-industrial enterprises; their physical, chemical, microbiological and sensory analyses; and food engineering and safety. The papers on zootechnics cover the latest advances in animal nutrition, feeding and genetics, and sustainable animal production, while the papers on veterinary medicine cover efforts to examine topics such as animal cytology, histology, pathology and welfare.

These papers will be of interest to academics, students or professionals researching or working in the field of livestock science.

Chief Editor: Ing. Vicente Trujillo V. MsC.

General Coordinator: Ing. Iván Salgado MsC.

Published: 14 June 2022

ISSN: 2789-5009