Annual PwR Doctral Symposium 2018–2019

KnE Social Sciences / Annual PwR Doctral Symposium 2018–2019

The PwR doctoral symposium is an annual event organised by the Ahlia University, Bahrain. It is a celebration of the international partnership with the Brunel University London, UK through the PhD without residence (PwR) program. Leaders from both the universities were present and inaugurated the event; this reflects the dedication towards the programme to build on its success, especially after the graduation of 50 candidates from the programme. This annual gathering is a great opportunity for the PhD candidates to present the progress in their theses and receive feedback from experts from both sides (Ahlia University and Brunel University). This year’s symposium was the 9th edition of the PwR symposium series. The papers presented in the symposium went through two cycles of rigorous double-blind peer-review process, first, at the time of the submission of the paper for the symposium time, and second, during the preparation of these proceedings. The main objective of this peer-review process was to assure the quality and the standards of the included papers. The symposium included three main themes, Entrepreneurship, Business and organization, and Health and Society. Besides, there were pre- symposium workshops and a lecture delivered by a guest speaker during the symposium aiming to provide students with required research knowledge and skills. These workshops are part of condensed series of workshops that are offered to the candidates throughout their PhD journey.

Conference date: 11–12 February 2018 & 2019
Location: Gulf Hotel, Manama, Bahrain
Chief Academic Editor: Dr. Dalia Mohamed Kamel and Dr. Tillal Eldabi
Organizer: Ahlia University, Bahrain
Sponsor: Ahlia University, Bahrain
Published: 19 September 2019
ISSN: 2518-668X