FGIC 2nd Conference on Governance and Integrity 2019

KnE Social Sciences / FGIC 2nd Conference on Governance and Integrity 2019

The FGIC 2nd Conference on Governance and Integrity was a two-day conference aimed to examine the issues and challenges faced by both the public and private sectors in good governance and integrity in regards to the Industrial Revolution 4.0. For any organization, good governance and integrity is an essential prerequisite to remain competitive in the digitalized economy. The conference included various topics on the different challenges of governance and integrity in the era of digitalization and innovative approaches to overcome governance and integrity issues in industry and academia.

Conference topics: The conference topics included the following non-exhaustive subthemes: Ethics & Culture in Business, Human Governance, Project & Technology Management, Data Analytics & Internet-of-Things, Cyber Security, Sustainability Issues, IT-related Governance & Integrity Issues, and Supply Chain & Operations Management

Conference dates:  19–20 August 2019
Location: Yayasan Pahang, Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Muhammad Waris Ali Khan
Chief Academic Editor: Dr. Gusman Nawanir
Organizer: Universiti Malaysia Pahang
Sponsors: Yayasan Pahang, The Malaysian Institute of Integrity, and Yayasan Bank Rakyat
Published: 18 August 2019
ISSN: 2518-668X