KnE Social Sciences | The Economies of Balkan and Eastern Europe Countries in the Changed World (EBEEC) | pages: 421-435

DOI: 10.18502/kss.v1i2.677

A Statistical Analysis of e-commerce in Greece: The Case of Young People in Central Macedonia

Persefoni Polychronidou

Xanthippi Chapsa

Christos Tsitsakis


The way of commerce transactions has changed from traditional ways to new ones with the use of new technologies. E-commerce has rapidly developed abroad, while in Greece has been developed more slowly. The present paper focuses on the e-commerce in Greece. For that purpose, an empirical research has been conducted from November to December 2015 and 100 valid questionnaires were selected. The study empirically investigates the consumer behaviour, the trust and safety in transactions and the advantages of e-commerce. Under this framework, the results of the empirical research are presented and the relevant findings are discussed.  


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