The Role of Social Capital in the Fintech Application with the Crowdfunding Scheme


The crowdfunding phenomenon began to develop in Indonesia since the emergence of various applications that used crowdfunding schemes such as,,,, Crowdfunding has the hallmark of mutual funds that are interconnected usually through the internet, to invest and support efforts initiated by other people and organizations. Community involvementincrowdfundingrequiressocialcapitalintheformoftrust,socialnetworks and norms. Various studies of crowdfunding and social capital find the role of social capital in the development of crowdfunding. This article intends to gather various views on the role of social capital in fintech applications with crowdfunding schemes in Indonesia and abroad. The development of crowdfunding is not only influenced by social capital but also by regulations governing crowdfunding schemes in each region. Therefore it is important to develop regulatory policies that support the development of crowdfunding and also increase the involvement of the community.

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