Achieving Community Happiness through Affordable Eco-Friendly Smart Houses


The significant lack of affordable house is contributed by urbanization, economic power, and population growth. Accessible housing views having different types of houses at variety of costs to suit the needs of different levels of household income. This paper proposes to resolve the unaffordable house issues by constructing eco-friendly smart houses. Eco-friendly smart houses play a vital role in developing affordable houses because it will minimize construction costs, minimize negative environmental impact and reduce energy consumption. Besides, it was suggested that those houses will lead to community happiness. This study identifies the determinants for buyer intends to purchase the houses and make recommendations on the impact of the houses towards community happiness expectation. Questionnaires have been distributed to the potential buyer using the online application. The results conclude that attitude, perceive behavioral control and social media influence potential buyer intention to purchase the affordable eco-friendly smart houses. The findings further reveal that purchase intention leads to expectation on community happiness. This study contributes in two ways. First, it contributes to sustainable development goals agenda and offers a new approach in constructing affordable houses. Second, it contributes to theoretical development on the linkage between purchase intention and expectation on community happiness.