Parameter of Green Concept Implementation in Residential Building: A Community Perspective


Residential buildings significantly become one of the factors that cause the problem of global warming. Implementation of green building concept can become a solution for residential building, which can reduce environmental impact due to global warming. In the development of the green building concept, the view of the community as a residential user should be one of the considerations to achieve the target. This paper will describe the results of research about community perspective with various backgrounds that shape the factors that influence the application of green concepts and formulate it into green concept parameters that can be applied in residential development. The purpose of this research is to develop a green building concept implementation for the residential building based on a community perspective. This research was conducted using the qualitative and quantitative mixed method. For the qualitative approach, data were analyzed using open coding, axial coding and selective coding is taken from previous research. Quantitative methods were performed using Principle Component Analysis (PCA) and factor analysis. Data were collected by an online questionnaire survey that was distributed using the snowball sampling method. The results showed that there are ten dimensions parameters of green concept implementation for residential buildings from the community perspective.