Load and Household Profiles Analysis for Air-Conditioning and Total Electricity in Malaysia


Load profile of household air-conditioning (AC) and total electricity consumption is essential to increase the stability of the energy demand on the grid. Therefore, field measurements on time series data of total and AC electricity consumption from 20 households were conducted from March 2016 to August 2017. The questionnaire survey was carried out simultaneously to grasp the profile of each family. The average total daily and AC consumption were 14.5 kWh/day and 3.9 kWh/day, respectively. The average hourly electricity consumption for total was 0.6 kWh/hour, meanwhile for AC was 0.2 kWh/hour. About 20% of the total peak demand was contributed by the consumption of AC. The indoor air temperature was measured in the bedroom (BR) when AC was switched ON and OFF with an average of 27 ∘C and 29 ∘C, respectively. However, the indoor air temperature in the living room (LR) was 2∘C and 1∘C higher if compared to BR for both conditions. Based on the questionnaire survey, 92% of the occupants preferred a temperature setting below than the level recommended by the Malaysian standard i.e., 24 ∘C. These results might be beneficial to understand the occupant behavior of electricity demand in Malaysia for designing smart grid energy systems in the future.