Autodesk Green Building Studio an Energy Simulation Analysis in the Design Process


Commercial buildings are buildings that spend a lot of energy. This is reinforced by the data that the city that has an expenditure center in Indonesia. To allow energy use can be solved by passive design in architecture. In this study, energy calculations will be carried out using the Autodesk Revit application where previously there was no discussion about energy use at the center using Autodesk Green Building Studio (GBS) analysis by comparing one building with the use of materials differently. The method used in this study is creating three scenarios. Where the scenario B-01 is using a lot of glass but given a double facade in the north, east and south, B-02 is little use of glass and no double skin façade, the B-03 many openings without façade double skin. Each scenario is simulated and results. From the results of Autodesk GBS discussion in the EUI category, Life Cycle Energy Use, Carbon Emissions, and also the Use of Electricity. From the comparison of some of the most optimal scenario categories in energy is scenario B-01. In the simulated Shopping Center building in Autodesk GBS, buildings with more use of glass and openings will be more efficient in energy use.