Physical Environmental Assessment of ‘Colorful Village’ on the Banks of the Code River, Yogyakarta


In the past, the village on the bank of the Code River looked shabby but was renovated into a colorful village. The problem is whether colorful villages have become ideal settlements or remain slums. The novelty of this study is to find out the level of slums in the colorful village associated with the new policies of improving the quality of slums. The scope of the material is on the assessment of the physical environment in a colorful village. The study aimed to assess the physical environment of the village and to find the cause of slums. The research method for assessment is slum level analysis using weight analysis tools. Data collection methods used are observation, interviews and secondary data processing results. The scope of the area is the Sayidan village area which is on the bank of the Code River, Yogyakarta. As a result, even though the colorful village looks aesthetically beautiful, their physical environment is actually still included in high slums. In conclusion, the level of high slums is due to, the condition of buildings and the condition of infrastructure, that is still not fully following the applicable requirements.