Model of Sustainable Tourism Village Development in Bali (Case Study: OMunity Bali in Sudaji Village, Sawan Sub-district, Buleleng District)


The development of rural tourism is often directed to the concept of greedy tourism, to bring in the number of tourists as much as possible, so that further away from the aspect of sustainability of tourism itself. OMunity Bali, in Sudaji Village, as the case study, a community which promotes Sudaji Village by elevating the concept of ecologically-based spiritual tourism village. The purpose of this research is to conceptualize framework in the development of Sustainable Tourism Village by learning from Community in Sudaji Village so that it can be adopted by other tourism villages through the descriptive method. The results of the study found that Tri Hita Karana should be the basis for the development of sustainable tourism villages in Bali by using the concept of ’village builds’ – village as a subject; looking inside, exploring the local potential and local wisdom while minimizing outside influences.