Eco-friendly Wastewater Treatment Technology in Tidal Area


Access to public sanitation in the tidal area in Indonesia is limited. The people in the tidal area tend to dispose of their domestic wastewater to the water body directly without treating it first. The lack of wastewater infrastructure provision in the tidal area could cause water body pollution that degrades its carrying capacity and destructs aquatic ecosystems. Eco-friendly technology could be used to treat the wastewater in the tidal area as the solution to improve water quality. In this research, the eco-friendly wastewater treatment technology was chosen to observe the effluent quality of individual scale biofilter-phytoremediation. Performance test of wastewater treatment technology was done by measuring the effluent quality. The effluent quality of the biofilter-phytoremediation system was compared to the effluent quality standard that stated in Ministry Regulation of Environment and Forestry No. P.68/Menlhk/Setjen/Kum.1/8/2016. The study showed the following results such as the average concentration of TSS was 7,63 mg/L, pH 6,70, ammonia was 1,78 mg/L, COD was 18,16 mg/L, and BOD was 9,38 mg/L. These results indicated that in general, the effluent quality of biofilter-phytoremediation system had met the above standard.