Adaptation of the Spatial Pattern of a Settlement to Disaster in Simeulue Regency, Aceh Province


This study aims to find out how the spatial pattern of settlements in disaster areas adapt to earthquake and tsunami disaster in Simeulue Regency, Aceh Province. The research used a qualitative approach and descriptive method Data collection technique used literature study and field observation., Data analysis used the Delphi method. The study result showed that the influential factors that save many Simeulue people from earthquake and tsunami disaster occurred on Sunday, 26 December 2004 is the spatial pattern of settlement which is very suitable to tsunami disasters such as geographical condition in the form of the pattern of human settlements, vegetation formation, condition of topography and morphology. The geographical condition was beneficial where people can save themselves to highland when a tsunami occurs. The implication of the spatial pattern of settlement in Simeulue Regency is very friendly for tsunami disaster mitigation.