The Development of Settlement in the Tsunami Red Zone Area of Banda Aceh City


This study aims to describe the rapid growth of settlement development in the red zone, Banda Aceh City. The qualitative descriptive of the method used in this study, and data collection through literature study for secondary data. Primary data gathered from observation and interview toward some developers of housing located in the red zone of tsunami’s impact, Banda Aceh City. Finally, data analysis using the Delphi method. The study result showed various main reasons for the rapid growth in the development of settlement in that area. The Banda Aceh city government needs to have strict standards in building permits for red-zone tsunami area. The red-zone area has stated in ”Qanun Kota Banda Aceh No. 2 Tahun 2018” including nine districts. This rule has not been adequately enforced. This can be seen from the growth of residential housing in the tsunami red-zone area that grew rapidly after 13 years of tsunami occurred.