Kabbalah, and the Popular Culture Industry: Exploring Identity and Spiritual Satisfaction


Todays popular culture is a part of global culture. Kabbalah, a form of popular spirituality derived from orthodox Jewish mysticism has gained popularity because of its association with the activists and celebrities in the pop culture industries. This paper examines the influence of this organization, which is still mysterious, through the public image of the spirituality of pop culture actors who became followers of Kabbalah and express their identity in the implied meanings contained in music and lyrics of the song and as the media to express those feeling, thought, or social and religious experince, also how popular culture as a criticism of religious institutions. In strengthening and deepening this research, will applies social and phenomenological approach as my theoretical framework to make a deep analysis in this topic. This study is important to give alternative perspectives to pop culture and the media as inseparable linked to identity, culture, politic, religion and gender which is related to common society nowadays.