Historiopreneurship and Commercialization of History Laboratory in Universitas Negeri Semarang


To communicate learning material, appropriate learning media are needed. This aims to make learning work effectively. However, the media used by teachers is still very simple and less varied. For this reason, it is necessary to develop production units that produce interesting learning media and provide training for teachers about the use of media.ThroughtheactivitiesoftheCampusIntellectualProductBusinessDevelopment Program (PPUPIK), intends to make the center of the industry and instructional media training, produce products that have the potential for campus industrial products, and become a training center to improve the skills of history teachers in making learning media. Activities are carried out starting January - November 2018. Through this activity Overall in the first year it has successfully sold products with a total of IDR 42,625,000. This amount is mostly obtained from book sales as much as 79%. Then, Poster sales were only 13% and 8% were obtained from the training. In the field of institutional and business facilities, the equipment is complete and runs well. However, limited resources require more attention to produce production. In the field of product marketingvariousstrategiesandutilizationofinformationtechnologyandsocialmedia have been carried out. Business opportunities in book sales are very good, especially if you can collaborate with local partners in accordance with the theme of the book.