Management of Implementation of Village Government in Empowering Village Enterprises (BUMDes)


Villages have an important and strategic role in creating prosperous independent villages within the territory of Indonesia. The village is a legal community unit that has regional boundaries that are authorized to regulate and manage local community interests based on local origins and customs that are recognized and respected in the Indonesian Government system. This means that the village becomes a pillar of Indonesia in realizing national goals. The achievement of prosperous independent villages is realized by empowering BUMDes. Andragogy theory has become more appropriate in assisting BUMDes to be efficient in optimizing assets, potential, and participation while also being able to increase community participation in developing villages in the context of regional autonomy. The formation of the Village Regulations (Perdes) in the empowerment of BUMDes has become an urgent basic management of the village government. The results showed that BUMDes became an efficient alternative to improve the welfare of rural communities.