Species Richness of Pteridophyta in Mount Ungaran


MountUngaranisone areathathas thenaturalforestandhas a diverseofbiodiversity flora and fauna in Central Java. One of flora such as Pteridophyta can be found in Mount Ungaran. Pteridophyta has many beneficial to human, but knowledge of the localcommunityisstilllowassociatedwithit.Theobjectiveoftheresearchedwasknow the species richness of Pteridophyta in Mount Ungaran. This research was conducted on March – July 2018. Location of this research in Bukit Gentong, Mount Ungaran. The research used exploration method, and identification of Petridophyta using a guidebook such as Plant Systematics, Flora for Schools in Indonesia, Encyclopedia of Garden Ferns, and Pteridophyta. The data analysis using descriptive qualitative. The results showed a total of 21 species of Pteridophyta was found belonging to five classes,sixorderand11families.ThehighestofspeciesrichnesswerePteridaceae(six species), Polypodiaceae (five species) and the lowest species richness of Pteridophyta are Davalliaceae (two species) and also in eight other families (one species).