Pregnancy Care Application Mobile Android Based


Pregnancy is a major concern of the world in current health issues. The maternal mortality rate (MMR) is still quite large in almost all countries in the world due to pregnancycomplications.Pregnancycomplicationscanbepreventedbyimprovingthe healthstatusofpregnant women.However,the lack ofknowledgeof pregnantwomen about pregnancy care and inadequate pregnancy care practices causes mothers to be less aware of what is experienced so that there are delays in decision making to seek help, delays in getting transportation to bring to health facilities, and delay in gettinghelpfromofficershealth.Thehighestnumberofcellularphoneuserstoaccess the internet comes from internet users from Java and Bali (92 percent). The purpose of using the internet is 68.7 percent to search for information and browsing. The purpose of the research is to create a pregnancy guide application for the expectant mother to get the information and knowledge about pregnancy care. The method is used in the research is SDLC (System Development Life Circle) method is the method that describes the system development life cycle in the design and development of information system. The results of the research showed that application has been completed design and has been tested by taking a sample of 55 pregnant women, which is named Pregnancy Care Application Mobile Android Based. Based on the Function Point relationship, this application gets a score of 9,638 (scale 1-10) which shows the usability of use to the user. Thus, this application is very feasible to use becauseallthefeaturesthatarepreparedarethingsthatarereallyneededbypregnant women in the care of daily pregnancy.