Prevention of Child Delinquency with Social Control: Criminology Study of Deviant Child Behavior Trends in the Community


This research is to examine the ”lawlessness” trends committed by children who are commonlycalledchilddelinquentbehaviorwiththeirsupportingfactorsandimpacton ”social order” and ”legal culture” that undergoing changes in the diverse environment of both urban and rural communities. The long-term goal of this research is to find the right criminological theoretic concepts in understanding the child’s deviant behavior in society, so that the development and application of the criminology concept that comes from the country’s own research is more compatible with the indigenization of science, especially criminology. The main research method that will be used is a qualitative method with a criminolgy research approach. In the field research, will be focused on 6 (six) research location. In an effort to find the exact criminology concept of child delinquency phenomenon, it will be pursued by stages of research stages, starting from determine the object and place of research, and also unit analysis and observationunit,tointensiveresearchinthefield.Thephasingisanexplorationstage, the field data collection phase, as well as the processing and interpretation phase of the data. Based on the approach of criminology research, it will reveal the background ofchilddelinquentbehaviorandthelinkbetweensocialbondelementstodelinquency of children, and finally it will be concluded to the theoretical concept of criminology that is appropriate in discussing child delinquent in society. The results of this study will be summarized in textbooks, reference books, procceding in the seminar that can be used as learning materials and criminology studies for the research course of criminology.