The Analysis of Project-Based Learning Integrated with Entrepreneurial Science Thinking in Terms of Symbolic Language Enhancement of Science Generic Skill


Project-based learning integrated with Entrepreneurial Science Thinking (EnSciT) is a model that involves the students in playing the learning based on their own discovering, researching, and creating project using science knowladge to produce a science-based and innovative product that can be accepted by the people. The purpose of this research is to analyze the implementation of project-based learning integrated with EnSciT in terms of students’s symbolic language enhancement. The method of this research is One Grup Pretest-Posttest Design. This research using instruments of generic science skill test, observation sheet, and questionnaire. The analytical technique using n-gain test. Students’s science generic skill enhancement resulting gain factor of 0,523 in medium criteria. The characteristics of project-based learning integrated with EnSciT growing creative thinking that trains the symbolic language. Symbolic language skill increased signifcantly resulting gain factor of 0,82.