Development of Child Friendly Educative Game Model As Method to Prevent Violence Against Children in School


Cases of violence against children in the form of physical, psychological, or sexual violence has been increasing in Indonesia, particularly violence cases that occur at school. Teacher candidates’ level of knowledge on violence against children (bullying) at school was only in the “sufficient” category. In addition, nowadays, children games that contain local contents and values such as cooperation, sportsmanship, and companionship has been abandoned by children. This study aimed to produce a product from the development of child-friendly educative game model that promote prevention of violence against children, particularly at school. This study used Level 1 Research and Development (R & D) method because it only achieved the fourth stage, namely Main Model Revision. The produced “anti-violence against children snake and ladder game” was an educative game product from which children could learn about the value of anti-violence and anti-bullying in school through games. The snake and ladder game was accompanied by game instruction, picture concept, and message regarding implementation of anti-violence and anti-bullying efforts at school, which was adjusted for children. The resulting game product was designed to integrate all elements present in formal education on anti-violence and anti-bullying efforts. The average pretest results was 18 and the average post-test results was 45. It can be concluded that “anti-violence against children snake and ladder” game model could increase knowledge by 150%.