The National Heroes in History Class


Historical education has an important role to play in building community character. One of the advantages in learning history in terms of planting values is the presence of characters or heroes who are used as role models. Historical figures become best practices in planting values. However, the study of heroism and the effort to plant it in historical learning have not been done much. Therefore, researchers are interested in reviewing how heroic values and their internalization are in learning. Through the studyoftextbooksandcurriculumanalysis,researcherscancollectdataaboutnational heroes in the context of learning. The results showed that not all national heroes were included in textbooks. In addition, not all the heroes mentioned in the textbook are specifically reviewed. There are only a few heroes specifically reviewed because they are related to basic competencies in the 2013 curriculum. The most popular heroes of the two books converge on five names, namely (1) Pattimura, (2) Diponegoro, (3) Sukarno, (4) Mohammad Hatta, (5) Hamengkubuwono IX. This hero is mostly reviewed for class XI KD numbers 3.2, 3.6, and 3.9. National heroes have curricular relevance which has now been integrated in history learning. In this study analyzed the position of national heroes in the Indonesian History learning curriculum that is mandatory at the high school level.