Perception and Local Initiation of Communities in Maintaining the Traditional Acehnese Houses


This study aims to 1) analyze the values of local wisdom Aceh traditional houses to mitigate earthquakes and tsunamis; 2) analyze community perceptions in maintaining (knowledge, attitudes, and behavior) local wisdom of Aceh traditional houses; and 3) reviewingtheroleofparentsinthelocalculturalinheritanceofAcehtraditionalhouses. The method used in this research is the qualitative method. Data collection is done by interviewing, observing, and documenting. The results show that: 1) Rumoh Aceh has the values of local wisdom to mitigate earthquakes and tsunamis. the values of local wisdom exist in the components of building forms and traditional ceremonies of Rumoh Aceh; 2) the knowledge, attitudes, and behavior of local wisdom in Rumoh Aceh teaches the community to adapt, care about cultural heritage, and form a social family system, and 3) the role of parents in the cultural inheritance local wisdom of Rumoh Aceh, carried out through civilization and socialization by involving the role of young people in traditional activities.