Financial Inclusion and Financial Literation for ‘Laku Pandai’ Customers


Thepurposeofthisstudyistodeterminetheleveloffinancialliteracyandtheimpactof financialliteracyondecisionsonaccessanduseoffinancialservicesfor‘LakuPandai’ customers. The primary data used is from ‘Laku Pandai’ customers in Semarang City, Central Java Province. Data analysis using logit regression, with the scale of interval data on financial literacy is the interval. Whereas, the scale of the data on financial inclusionisnominal.Theresultsofthestudyindicatethatfinancialliteracywillincrease theprobabilityof1time inusing bankingaccessandservices.Thisisbecause banking information has been conveyed to ‘Laku Pandai’ customers. Thus, supply side or financial inclusion is not solely caused by financial literacy, but rather by information provided by banks to ‘Laku Pandai’ customers.