International Conference of Psychology 2022 (ICoPsy 2022)

KnE Social Sciences / International Conference of Psychology 2022 (ICoPsy 2022)

This collection contains selected papers from the International Conference of Psychology 2022 (ICoPsy 2022) held in Malang, Indonesia on the 13th of August 2022, and was hosted by the Faculty of Psychology at the Universitas Negeri Malang.

The main goal of this conference was to uncover and evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on the global psyche, considering both the lingering effects of the pandemic on those it affected and exploring various methods to overcome the challenges it presented.

This KnE Social Sciences collection contains 30 peer-reviewed papers on the psychological, educational and social impacts of the pandemic. Whether discussing the evolution of educational systems, workplace cultures, child development, family relationships, or the role of COVID-19 in the development of digital literacy, the effects of the pandemic remain palpable to researchers across the field.

These papers will be of interest to academics, students, or professionals who research or carry out research and scientific applications related to education, health, society, industry, and organization as well as clinical and developmental aspects.

Conference date: 13 August 2022
Location: Malang, Indonesia
Organizer: Faculty of Psychology at the Universitas Negeri Malang
Editors: Rakhmaditya Dewi Noorrizki, Femmi Nurmalitasari, Ulfa Masfufah, Yaumul Rahmi, Helga Graciani Hidajat
Published: 21 November 2022
ISSN: 2518-668X