Contradictions of Arab Modernists in Understanding the Revelations Semantic of (Mission and Prophecy) "Shahrour" as a Model


This research highlights the flaws of some contemporary readings while handling the texts of the two revelations, which are as follows:

Research problem: Addressing one of the types of contemporary intellectual deviation in understanding the texts of the two revelations and its impact on the Arab and Islamic intellectual arena.

Research question: What are the principles on which ``Muhammad Shahrour'' built his understanding of the terms ``the Messenger and the Prophet''?

Objective of the research: To answer this problem by explaining the corruption of the conceptual origin on which (Muhammad Shahrour) based his attitude toward these two terms and his understanding of them.

Research Methodology: I followed the integrative approach: inductive, descriptive, and critical analysis.

 Research plan: After the introduction, the next section is the research plan, which is as follows: Preface: Modernity and "Muhammad Shahrour" in the definition. First section: the concept of (the Prophet and the Prophet) and the sayings of scholars about them. Second section: the semantics of the terms (the Messenger and the Prophet) for "Shahrour" and differentiating between them. Third section: discussion and analysis of the opinions of "Shahrour". Then comes the results and recommendations.

Keywords: contradictions, Arab modernists, mission and prophecy, Shahrour.