Young Citizens' Political Participation and Digital Society in Challenging Democracies: A Case Study from Indonesia's Movements


This article explores the relationship between youth’s political participation and digital media, and the development of their political identity by analyzing young people’s engagements in some of the biggest political protests in Indonesia – #ReformasiDikorupsi and #TolakOmnibusLaw – between 2019 and 2020. With this study, the authors hope to contribute to the theory of youth participation and digital media for strengthening democracy. The authors collected quantitative data through data mining from Twitter and analyzed them using social network analysis. They also obtained qualitative data through interviews with certain Twitter account holders. While government, technologies, and forms of participation will change over time, this study aimed at identifying the fundamental features and implications of youthful politics in the context of increasingly mediated, networked, and participatory social life in countries where democracy has been challenged by illiberal practices of democracy such as Indonesia.

Keywords: youth, political participation, digital society, identity politics

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