The Role of Parents on Children Related to Cleanliness in Facing Covid-19 in Islamic Education Psychology


Parents are the determinants of children’s health at home. Their role is crucial particularly during the current Covic-19 pandemic in which the virus is getting very out of control. Due to the high number of cases of the spread of Covid-19, parents have to double their children’s hygiene considering that children are susceptible to the virus. However, the role of parents is not simply to remind people to keep their distance, wash their hands, and wear mask; parents also have an important obligation, apart form complying with health protocols, to carry out their obligations as a Muslim to obey Allah’s commands. The purpose of this study is to interpret the role of parents towards children regarding cleanliness in dealing with Covid-19 in the psychology of Islamic education. This is a qualitative research using a qualitativedescriptive approach. The data were collected through observation, documentation and interview. Meanwhile, the data analysis was done by means of Miles, Huberman and Saldana with the stages of data collection, data condensation, data presentation and drawing conclusions. Thus, the role of parents is crucial to seek the cleanliness of children. However, it must still be balanced with the morals of children who must also be given religious knowledge, and more time given for children as stress is not merely felt by adults, but children can also feel it but with a different implementation.

Keywords: Education; Islam; Islamic Education

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