Slangs Found in Carrie Movie Script


The purpose of this paper was to describe the different types of slang words and their meanings that were discovered in the data source. Slang is a part of sociolinguistics and a common phenomenon found in all languages, so this research is crucial. As a result, slang remains interesting to study or analyze. The data was analyzed by performing the following steps: first, repeatedly watching Kevin Misher’s film Carrie and looking for statements that reflected the slang words and phrases used in the film. The theories used in this study were based on Chapman’s (1988) slang word theory of Primary slang and Secondary slang, as well as Leech’s (1988) seven types of slang word meaning: conceptual, connotative meaning, stylistic meaning, affective meaning, reflected meaning, collocative meaning, and thematic meaning (1974). The data collection method used in this paper was documentation. And descriptive and qualitative methods were used to analyze the data. The study’s findings revealed that thirty slang expressions were examined. One or two words make up the majority of the slang in this film. The slang meanings discovered in this study mostly expressed the expression’s implicit meaning.

Keywords: Carrie movie script, meaning, slangs

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