Improving the Processing of Dried Brown Algae of the Northern Basin Seas


Dried brown algae, abundant in the seas of the Northern basin, are additional sources of iodine, the lack of which affects more than two thirds of Russians. Brown algae of the Northern basin seas: sugar wrack and bady wrack, harvested in the Barents Sea were chosen as the object of the study. The use of cryoextrusion and freeze-drying will allow expanding the possibilities of brown algae processing. The use of frozen raw material allows processing it industrially far from the harvesting areas. The results presented in the paper confirm the possibility and expediency of applying cryoextrusion and freeze drying since they are advanced methods of resource-saving technology for the processing of the North basin brown algae. The modes for grinding of the frozen brown algae were developed on the basis of cryoextrusion with the use of dies with holes of ”cone-cone” type; the design of the unit is protected by a patent. The yield of ground semi-finished product obtained at different modes varies from 98.57 to 99.80% from the weight of the raw material. The resulting semi-finished product is of homogeneous structure. The use of freeze-drying, depending on the type, allows achieving the final content of product moisture from 5.24 to 10.6%.

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