Development of Assistant Quran Application With Real-time Voice Commands


This application is designed to assist Quran memorizers or prayer leaders (Imams) in recalling their memorization. The aim of this research is to develop an Android-based Al-Qur’an assistant application with real-time voice command features. The waterfall method is used as a reference during the application development stages, including system analysis, system design using UML, implementation, and testing with blackbox testing technique. This Al-Qur’an assistant application utilizes Google Speech API to recognize user’s voice and match it with the requested surahs and verses. The result of this research is an Al-Qur’an assistant application that helps users easily search for Quranic verses through real-time voice commands. The benefits of this application include saving time and facilitating users in interacting with the Al-Qur’an.

Keywords: voice command, Google speech API, realtime, waterfall, Al Qur’an

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