The Making of Audiobook Platform of the Publishing Student's Final Project to Enhance the Reading Experience


The decreasing interest in reading books is the main indicator of the development of modern digital publishing. This shifting trend and function in reading books requires the innovation of printed books into a form of digital reading or audiobooks. Audiobooks can be a solution in increasing interest in reading. This research will discuss the process of creating an Audiobook Platform for the Final Project of Publishing Students to maximize the “Reading Experience.” The Final Project of Publishing students who will be converted are the prioritized children’s book genre, the aim is to increase the reading experience of readers, and reach a wider audience, such as children who cannot read yet, are blind, dyslexic, and graphia disabled readers. The work methods used are pre-production, production, and post-production. This research is a collaboration between lecturers across study programs and students of multimedia engineering technology publishing as a form of independent campus learning application. The results of applied research in this audiobook form are published on the mobile apps platform and website so that it is easy to access from anywhere and anytime.

Keywords: audiobook, publishing, digital platform, childrens book, reading experience

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