Tests of Scintillator Tiles for the Technological Prototype of Highly Granular Hadron Calorimeter


A new technological prototype of the highly granular hadron calorimeter for future collider experiments is being developed by the CALICE collaboration. The proposed baseline design of active elements considers scintillator tiles with a silicon photomultiplier readout. The light yield and uniformity of response of two tiles with dimple geometry from different producers were measured. The technology proposed for the ILD detector was used: each tile was individually wrapped in the reflecting foil and the SiPm was coupled directly to the dimple side of the scintillator tile. The measured response to minimum ionizing particle is almost twice better for BICRON408 scintillator than for polystyrene-based scintillator, while the estimated uniformity of response is better for the polystyrene-based scintillator tile produced by injection molding.

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